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We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

~Japanese Proverb































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Welcome to my web site. I am a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and film maker.


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October 9th , 2020
Andri Leonardo Film Premiere

Modus Event Loctaion, Eichweg 1, 4410 Liestal, +41 61 901 5538, 8:00pm
private event


October 23rd 2020

The film premiere of "Sing City - A Dame To Sing For - What I feel" took place privately on October 9th 2020. Unfortunately due to the pandemic we were not able to make the event public, including a full concert. Nevertheless, the event was a great success. The responses to the new music video were great. The event included the showing of the videos "Reflections", "Where is she", "Sing City - A Dame To Sing For - What I feel", and the "Making of Sing City", as well a performances of Andri Leonardo.

The new video has been uploaded for you to watch onto YouTube, this web site, and my Facebook channel. Leave a comment, subscribe, and stay updated on new things to come.

June 11th 2020

As with all performing artists the spring of 2020 has certainly put a hold on all public performances. Maybe this is unfortunate, but maybe it is for the best for all of humanity. It has forced us to re-think our life styles and re-evaluate what is really important in our lives. For me it has certainly taught me to appreciate the small things in life, a blooming flower, a bee collecting nectar, the sun shining on my skin. So many things I used to take for granted have become very precious and have showed me the real miracles of this universe, of this planet, and of my personal life.

The grand premier of our new music video "What I Feel" has been postponed and a new date has yet TBA.This gives us more time to sweeten the film and work on the "Making of" video. Nevertheless, life goes on and we can't quit now. In the contrary: this is the chance of a life time to create a better tomorrow. For all of us.

We do look forward to this premier and hope many of you can join us. Stay tuned. Stay healthy. Rock on!

November 13th, 2019

On October 6th, 13th, and November 10th we had the first three shooting days of a new music video for the song 'What I feel' off of the UNEXPECTED album. This video is going to be in the style of Sin City and the format of a small movie, like many videos in the 80ies with a total length of about 8 minutes. I started pre-production of this project two years ago and we finally started filming this year; I am very excited about it. Check out the 1st update of the production process in the video to your left. Release date is scheduled for spring 2020 with a premiere at the Modus Event Location in Liestal, Switzerland. Date June 6th 2020.

I am also in the process of booking new gigs. So plenty of reasons to keep checking my web site for updates.

May 15 th, 2019

I reworked the video for 'Wakefulness of change'. Find the new version in the video section and on youtube. Also, finally end of May the interview filmed in October with Stefanie Wunderlin will be completed and posted right here.

April 17th, 2019

The Open Mic at Parterre, Basel, was a great and fun night. I'll be posting a vid of it shortly.

24 March 2019

Find the new video for the song "Wakefulness of change" on the video page. It was a spontaneous shoot on Saturday afternoon a week ago. With the assistance of Katia Tortuga it took four hours to shoot and about 10 to edit. I wanted to do a simple thing this time.

I still have to edit the interview we shot last October. But there's so much music to play I just didn't get to it yet.

6 January 2019

For musical reasons I have quit the band Almost Famous after 8 years. We're still friends but I had to move on to pursue my own music: finishing the Devas album Metamorphosis and putting together a tour in Europe to promote the album.

28 October 2018

We finished a new video for the song "Where is she". Filmed by Katia Tortuga featuring Hene Wirz and myself. The shoot was about 9 hours long plus 4 hours of preparation and about 35 hours of editing. Applying the chroma key effect has been something I have wanted to try ever since I saw Sin City. Check it out here.

21 October 2018

We have recorded my interview with Stefanie Wunderlin from www.kairos-podcast.ch Basel, on October 21. Filmed by Nelson Medina and Katia Tortuga. Find out about my passion for writing, performing, and teaching. I will post it here soon.

6 September 2018

I have written a new song "Ocean" as the title track for the SSI certified dive center Extra Divers on Malta. Visit their web site to find out more and listen to the song: Extra Divers Malta. The song is not up yet; we still have to record the saxophone.

3 June 2018

On January 24th I played with the band Almost Famous the Malta Fairs and Convention Center for the annual Fisher Scientific Sales Conference. The whole trip and the concert were a blast. We really enjoyed ourselves and released a video of our journey, including footage of the show. Watch it here.




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The film poster of
SING CITY - A Dame To Sing For

Film Premiere, held on October 9th 2020 at the Modus Event Loctaion Liestal, Switzerland.

Interview: Tomes & Tunes host Arielle Silver talks books and swaps songs with songwriter and Devas frontman, Andri Leonardo., June 23rd 2020